General Lion OneCard Questions

General Lion OneCard Questions

I lost my ID Card, what should I do?
My ID card is damaged and no longer works because of it, what should I do?
Where can I use my card?
I am a commuter/online student do I still need an ID card?
Do I need to get a new ID card every year?
How can I protect my card from damage?
I changed my name, how do I get it changed on my ID card?
Can I get a new picture on my ID card even though I already have one printed?
I need swipe access added to my card, who should I contact?

Clydes Cash and Meal Plans

How do I deposit Clyde's Cash onto my card?
I'm a commuter, can I get a meal plan even though I don't live on campus?
What is the benefit of getting Clyde's Cash instead of paying with cash or card?
Where can I spend Clyde's Cash?
I lost my card but need to use my meal plan, can I still eat?
What is the difference between Clyde's Cash, Flex Dollars, and a Meal Plan?

Ent Lion OneCard

How do I get an Ent LionOne Card?
Where are the on-campus ATM’s located?


Who is Eligible for a Lion OneCard?
I am an alumni, can I get a new ID card or an Alumni card?
Can I have an Ent Lion OneCard and a regular Lion OneCard?

Mobile ID

I am not having success adding my Lion OneCard to my device. Who can help me?
How do I change or recover my school login password?
How do I activate and install the multi-factor authentication?
Do I still need my physical Lion OneCard?
Can I still use my physical Lion OneCard once I have created my Mobile ID?

Accessing Your Account

Why can’t I double-tap the side button with my phone locked to see my balances in Apple Pay?
Can I use Mobile ID if my phone’s battery is dead?

Setting Up Your Device

How do I check my iPhone device version?
How do I check my Apple Watch device and/or software version?
What if I have questions about my Apple ID or iCloud?
How do I verify and/or update my Android phone device version and software?
I already have the eAccounts mobile app installed. Do I need to update?
How do I update the eAccounts mobile app?
How many devices can I add?
How do I add my Lion OneCard ID to my new iPhone or Apple Watch?

Managing Your Account

Do I need to reactivate my devices each term?
What if I am away from campus for the semester and I don’t want my Lion OneCard on my device? Can I delete and re-add it later?
Can I delete my Lion OneCard Mobile ID from Apple Wallet or Google Pay through the eAccounts mobile app?
How do I update information on my Lion OneCard?
Why are my account balance(s) not displaying?
My balance is different on my device than in eAccounts?
Why do I have a negative balance on my Lion OneCard /Clyde’s Cash Account?
I used my credit card at a participating retail location when I meant to use my Lion OneCard What can I do to correct my payment source?
I am graduating or leaving the University. What happens to my Mobile ID?

Securing Your Account

What should I do if I lose my card or device, or if I believe there has been fraudulent use of my credential?
How do I reactivate my credential if I find my lost device?

Additional FAQ's Mobile ID

I can’t get Mobile ID to work on my Android?
I can’t get Mobile ID to work on my iPhone?
I lost my phone/phone not working, what do I do since my Mobile ID is on my phone?
The Mobile ID app is not working but I need access to my housing, meal plan and/or Clyde’s Cash, door access?

Android eAccounts and G-Pay Troubleshooting

When you go to set up the eAccounts application, you may run into some issues. Here are some troubleshooting steps.

Step 1: Make sure the phone has NFC
Step 2: Make sure the you have a photo set up with eAccounts
Step 3: Confirm you are using G-pay rather than Google Pay
Step 4: Set up the G-pay app then add it to the wallet
Step 5: If all else fails